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Up coming events and shows


Sunday July 29th - Ryann Kelly will be painting live @Smith Public Trust D.C for their open mic .  

Thursday August 2nd-Kimeko Robinson will be painting live @Busboys and Poets Hyattsville Open Mic 

Thursday August 2nd-Luther Wright will be Displaying work @Pancakes and Booze D.C at Penn Social D.C 

Sat. August 4th - The LW Arts and Design team will be conducting  a community painting activity with PGAHC for Forest Heights Community Day . 

Monday August 6- Ryann Kelly and Luther Wright will be painting live @Brooklyn Open mic Anniversary 

Wednesday August 11th- The Lw Arts and Design team will be conducting a community painting activity with PGHAC for National Night Out Brentwood 

​​Updates:  NEW Prints now available -Visit our art gallery as well as fineartamerica.com or artpal.com for more merchandise options .

                    Check the Art Gallery for New Art 

       LW Arts and Design

LW Arts and Design creates, displays, and sells works of art created by local and up coming artist. Our goal is to create exposure for new artist, as well as bring art and culture to homes, schools, communities, and businesses worldwide. 

We work with several local businesses and non-profit organizations to spread awareness, culture, and love through art.